May 29, 2018

Hello & Happy Tuesday! We hope y’all had an incredible holiday weekend! Ours was filled with bike rides, yard work, and newborn snuggles! Kind of the best, if you ask us. 😉 We’re here today to share this AMAZING wedding with you all! We’ve been so excited to get this one on the blog, and appreciate your patience as we welcomed our brand new little lady just THREE days after we shot this wedding!

I, (Janae) wasn’t suppose to be at this wedding. 😉 Or essentially  we had planned that I wouldn’t be, because it was just three short days away from our due date. We had even had an extra team on site to help just in case I went into labor and Hugo had to leave. However this beautiful Friday rolled around and baby Zara hadn’t made an appearance, and I was feeling great, SO I decided to join in on the fun, and surprise Taylor & Brad and shoot part of this wedding day!! It was so special when I walked into the getting room, and Taylor was so excited to see me. This lady really is pure GOLD, and I can’t say enough of good about her. It blessed me so much that I got to share in part of this day!

Again like said before Taylor & Brad are pretty much the BEST, and they crafted a wedding day that was so filled with beautiful details that tell about their story and their loves. From American Flag socks, converses, and all those amazing Disney references, this day was SUPER fun, just like Taylor & Brad are. We particularly loved their hilarious bridal party, and their sweet first look where Taylor even had one of their favorite songs playing for it! We love that! This couple really made their day their own, and it was super inspiring!

SO now I’ll stop raving about this incredible day and couple, and let you see it for yourself. 😉 Taylor & Brad, we can’t thank you enough for your graciousness, and for allowing us to be a part of this amazing day. We are so thankful for y’all and it’s been a pleasure to work with you!

Shout out to our amazing team! Sarah and Kelly helped us shoot this wedding day, and it was GREAT to have them along for the ride. At basically nine months pregnant we could not have done it without them. We love you ladies, and again THANK YOU!

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