June 4, 2018

Hola! As you may know by now, we added a beautiful baby girl to our family this past May. We welcomed Zara Rose into the world at 1:24 pm on May 14th, exactly on her due date! Today we are sharing some of our favorite images from our newborn photo session with the amazing and talented Sarah from the Janae Rose Photography Team.

I honestly thought that I would have these photos up WAY sooner, but I think I may have overestimated my human abilities. 😉 Along with our photos, we’re sharing more about our newest family member, her entrance into the world, and how our family is doing since her arrival. We can’t wait for you to meet this sweet little nugget. 😉

  • I labored for exactly half the time that I did when I had Gloria! Can I get an AMEN?!?! 😉 I can not thank Hugo enough, he was SO encouraging and helpful through this entire season, especially through labor. I joked with him after Zara was born that he may have missed his calling as a midwife. 😉


  • As far as who Zara looks like, I’m actually having a hard time determining what I think and see. Any thoughts?!?! We’d love to know who you think she resembles. Her eyes remind me a lot of Hugo’s and her nose is definitely from his side of the family.


  • Zara was born with an extra finger, a trait that comes from me. That’s right I was also born with six fingers and an extra toe as well. However unlike me Zara’s extra finger was connected only by skin, so surgery was not required. At a doctor’s visit they tied it and it has  actually already fallen off. It felt like a blessing that we didn’t have go through surgery again. Gloria had an extra toe that was fully formed, and she had it removed when she was a year old. There’s nothing worse then seeing your baby go into surgery even if it’s extremely low risk, we’re grateful to not have to go through that again with Zara.


  • Zara’s a champ at eating and sleeping, and although Gloria was also an amazing baby, it still feels easier this time around. I guess we’ve got some experience, so that makes the newborn stage a little less daunting. Her longest stretch at night so far has been four hours, not too bad right. 😉


  • Zara is a super fan of baths, and I think it’s seriously the cutest thing ever!


  • Zara graced us with her first responsive smile at a week old. Yes I know babies are not suppose to do that till much later, and it sounds crazy, but I promise it’s true. Hugo, my mom, and sister can back me up on this, they are my witnesses. 😉


  • When Gloria was a baby, I couldn’t wait for her to “grow-up.” I would find myself thinking I can’t wait till she smiles, or rolls over, or crawls. Now I find myself feeling a little sad as I see how FAST Zara is growing. I just love how tiny and cuddly she is right now. I find myself not wanting to rush her growth, and trying to take in EVERY detail of this season (even if it’s a little tiring.)


  • We are obviously bias, but Gloria probably takes the title as “World’s Best Big Sister!” She loves Zara so well, and has been taking the change like a champ. She loves to help, cuddle, hold, and care for her baby sister. She’ll often talk to her in such a loving little voice, and it’s honestly SO cute.


  • Upon the arrival of our sweet Zara, we also thought it would be a good idea to add two bunnies to our “tribe” as well. 😉 They’re names our Thumper Peter and Blackie Pickles (if you’re wondering who named them, that’d be Gloria. 😉 ) You’ll see them pictured below.


We hope you enjoy meeting our newest little lady! A HUGE thank you to our midwife, nurses, families, friends, and clients. You all have extended SO much grace, help, encouragement, support, prayers, and love through this season! THANK YOU!


This one below is my favorite.


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