July 26, 2018

Hello and Happy Thursday! We hope that you’re enjoying this sunny day. We are planning on hitting the pool a little later, which has been our favorite activity this summer, and we’ve been missing it with all this rain recently. Gloria is learning how to swimming, and it’s so fun to see her learn a new skill that she loves so much.

Anyway enough about us, what I really wanna talk about is, this AMAZING little family. Guys, we photographed Valerie & Nate’s wedding 5 years ago, just a few weeks before our own wedding. Crazy right! We are always super honored when couples choose to have us come and photograph other aspects of their lives post wedding day, especially when it involved meeting their wedding babies! Valerie & Nate welcomed a beautiful baby girl into their family, and obviously I was super thrilled! I don’t know if y’all know this about me, but I really love babies. I know that’s not everyones jam, but for me I just love them!

Lucy is super precious, and I majorly love the lifestyle vibes this session took on. Valerie & Nate’s home has got great light, and their little lady has the sweet nursery filled with the BEST books. We also took a few photos with their Jeep Grand Wagoneer, which I was pretty much geeking out about the whole time. If you’re not familiar with the show “This is Us”, or the fact that we are major fans of the show, then you might not understand why I was SO excited. Basically it’s the same SUV that Jack bought for his family in the show, and the episode that highlighted this event was one of my favorites. #sorryforthefangirlmoment

Nate & Valerie, thank you for welcoming me into your home and lives, for introducing me to your precious daughter, and for taking a chance on me all those years ago when I photographed your wedding. I was pretty new to the business back then, and it was folks like you that gave me my start. I can’t say thank you enough. Lucy is a doll, and you two are already such AMAZING parents. Enjoy the ride ahead!

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