July 27, 2018

Hello & Happy Friday! We’ve been meaning to share some photos with y’all from our vacation with family at the beginning of the month, and boy oh boy did the time just flew right by. Life with a newborn (or really just kids in general), is so wild. There are some days that feel never ending, yet this entire season has felt like it’s flying by so fast. When life starts to to feel this way, I like to take a deep breathe and remind myself that I will miss these days. I know with out a doubt, because I experienced it with Gloria.

When we were expecting Gloria, every single person who had journeyed before me in parenthood would tell us to cherish this time because it goes by SO fast. When we welcomed Gloria into the world, I had no idea that I could possibly be SO tired, and that the days would feel SO stinking LOOOONNNGGG. I thought surely this would be the longest season of my existence. We LOVED it, but in my mind it felt like I would be eternally the parent of a newborn baby. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

Just today I was playing with the girls on our bed, talking to them and tickling them, and as I looked into Zara’s eyes it literally felt like I was looking into Gloria’s eyes. In so many ways it feels like JUST yesterday Gloria was a tiny baby, and now she’s learning how to swimming!!! Not gonna lie this moment brought some tears to my eyes, because life is just flying before our eyes.

It is beautiful, but because of that fact, it feels like vacation is SO important. Taking time to truly rest, to put down our phones, to swim, to fish, to just breath, and enjoy life and family. It’s so easy to rush through life, and we want to fully embrace it every moment. We want to live slowly, we want to hold our babies tight, laugh, and treasure every moment of this life, because it is a GIFT!

So today we’re sharing some photos from our family vacation. We go to a house in upstate New York with my family, and it’s always the best time. For one we eat the best food, and it’s always just so restful. We came back from this trip appreciating each other more, and feeling filled with inspiration. Enjoy this little peak into our vacation.

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