May 14, 2018

Hello & Happy Monday! Just gotta through it out there that today is “due date” day! As I’m currently writing this I have no idea if I’ll be holding a little baby in my arms or not, since I’ve scheduled a bunch of these posts out, however I am hopeful that maybe there will be a little one around. Keep an eye on our social media to see when little lady arrives.

Anyway enough about us. Let’s talk about Holly & John, because they’re kind of AMAZING! These two met at the gym, and Holly couldn’t help but notice that John seemed to have his eye on her. She secretly may have hoped he would ask her out. Finally they went out together with a group of friends, and that night John made his move, and planned a date with Holly for the next day! Let’s just say it’s all history from there.

Holly & John, are planning a summer wedding, and Kelly & Andrei will be photographing it! Hugo and I tagged along for this fun session, but Kelly & Andrei did the real work, and as you’ll see in a moment the results are magical.  We love how fresh, vivid, and romantic these images are.

Holly & John, it’s a true joy getting to know you all better. We’re SO SO SO excited for your wedding day, and our team is so excited getting to work with you! Enjoy this little preview of your engagement photo session.

Happy Monday!

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