May 11, 2018

Hello & Happy Friday! Wedding season is upon us, and we are loving every moment of it. Weddings are our JAM here, and we are so excited to be talking about one of our favorite things today, and that’s first looks. That’s right today, we are unpacking the first look, talking about why we love it, and why it may be a perfect fit for you as a couple on your wedding day.

We understand that it’s not for everyone, and a lot of couples (especially grooms) have reservations about whether a first look is really for them. We totally understand that, you don’t want anything to take away from that special moment when you are seeing each other from the end of the aisle. That moment is one of a kind, and honestly nothing can replace it! However we want to share something with you…

“A first looks don’t replace or nullify that moment when you see each other at the end of the aisle for the first time, it only enhances it!”

That’s right, no jokes! We’ve experienced a first look for ourselves, and have captured hundreds of couples seeing each other for the first time on their wedding days, and we can honestly say we have never seen a first look take away from that amazing moment when the doors swing open and the bride walks down the aisle.

So as you and your partner discus whether a first looks is for you, here are a few fun facts about first looks, and how they shape wedding days. We hope these “fun facts” give clarity to whether a first look is a good fit for you or not! Remember when making your choice to think about the overall feel you want your wedding day to embody, this will help aid your decision making process. ENJOY!


I (Janae) remember feeling totally bliss as I walked down the aisle to Hugo, and thinking that my dad and I were definitely were not walking fast enough. I just couldn’t wait to get to Hugo! As great as walking down the aisle was, there are NOT a lot of options as to how it is done. You can vary the music, or change up the location, but it doesn’t allow as much privacy or creativity as a first look does.

Let’s be real for a second, there can be a good bit of expectation surrounding a wedding day, and by choosing a first look you don’t have all the pressure of onlookers. You can breath easy, embrace each other, and craft an experience that is completely custom to you as a couple. Our first look we laughed, we cried, I think we may have even danced. No one was “pushing” us to keep it moving. The moment was completely authentic, and totally us.

We’ve seen couples take this moment to exchange gifts, or even sit down for a drink together. Some couples run to each other, others talk for a while, there really are so many options for first looks, and we love that about them!


Say what?!?! That’s right, couples who opt for a first look get to spend MORE time together on their wedding day. A first look allows you to plan as much time as you’d like for first look and portraits. Otherwise you’ll be pressed to get all of your hugging, drinking, family portraits, bridal party portraits, AND couple portraits completed in just one short “cocktail hour.” By choosing a first look you’re allowing yourself a more relaxed time together, without having the pressure of guests waiting on you.



You’ll probably experience some “happy” pain on your wedding day. What do I mean?!?! Well you know that feeling when you face hurts so badly from smiling so much, Yeep. That is bound to happen to you on your wedding day. Don’t worry, it’s a good problem. 😉 Now imagine on your wedding day, you walk down the aisle. You experience probably literally one of the happiest moments of your life, you’re swept off in a whirl wind to capture family photos, then it’s off to bridal party portraits, and at the end of it all before your reception you finally get to take those super romantic portraits of you and the love of your life together. Except at this point, you’re hair is a little less “perfect”, your boutonnieres been squashed from all those celebrator hugs, and maybe your stomach’s growling cause your a little hungry at this point. And let’s be honest maybe you’re ready to just go party with your people. That’s totally normal, we get that.

By choosing a first look you’ll ensure your smile is fresh, your hair is perfect, your stomach is only filled with butterflies, and not hanger. You won’t be tired, just filled with joy and excitement for the day ahead!




Thinking that you don’t want to miss out on those bacon wrapped scallops, or that signature cocktail you’ve ordered for your guests. Or maybe you just really wanting to get spend some quality time with your all your friends, family, and guests on your big day. By choosing a first look this is an actual possibility. Without a first look you’ll be using this time for photos, where as joining your cocktail hour gives you more precious time together with all your favorite people. Plus it will allow your photographers time to capture lots of awesome candids during this part of your day.



Weddings are not all about the photos, but being photographers they’re REALLY important to us, and we know that they are super important to all of our couples too! That’s why we like to let people in on this little tidbit. First looks often allow us to get our couples MORE photos of them together. That’s right, we’re able to plan more time for portraits, allowing us to capture more photos! No pressure from hungry guests, no DJ waiting. Your time for portraits can last longer and overall will be more relaxed.



We hope this sheds some light on first looks for you! Again we always tell people, that we know they’re not for everyone, however we always want to let people know they have options. We’ve seen so many couples LOVE their first look, and can’t help but share why we think they’re SO great. ENJOY!

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