April 18, 2019

Hello! We are back stateside, battling a bit of jet-lag…but our hearts are full and refreshed from a wonderful adventure in Western Australia and getting to be part of my childhood best friend’s wedding. Before we share all of those adventures though, I wanted to back track a bit. I always struggle with the balance of living in the moment and yet sharing our adventure with this incredible community. It feels like a disservice to myself and to my family if I’m not fully present while we are traveling, but yet I want to be able to share in a timing that is relevant to the adventure…so I’m sorry if this feels a bit late.

When we were in Guatemala last month, we took a week to travel around the country. It was a week of long car rides, and exploring the jungles of Tikal and the highlands of Huehue. At the time with our trip to Australia coming quickly, Hugo and I determined that it would be fun to experience a bit more of Guatemala before we trek across the globe. The exciting part of it all was that we got to go and see it with family! That will always be the highlight for us. Being together!

Hugo and his brother Alan had gone to Tikal a few years back. After the trip they raved about the experience, and had determined they wanted to take all of us. I was initially hesitant, because it is about a twelve hour car ride. However Hugo kept pressing in, saying that it was worth it…and you know what! He was SO right.

Tikal, was just incredible. Seeing what the Mayan’s built from the ground up thousands of years ago, is just like nothing else…especially if you love history. Our experience was so great. It was a day of hiking through the ruins, hearing from our guide about the structures and their significance, purpose, and history. We hiked to the top of several of the temples, and got a clear view of how immensely large the city was, ate a yummy packed lunch on the grounds, and just walked around taking in the sights, and sounds of howler monkeys and coatis.

Here are just a few images from the our time in Tikal. The last few images of our the near by city of Flores. Which I will be for sure be going back too. A lakeside town with such a relaxed vibe. It really neat! Any friends want to go and experience it, we’ll take you. 😉

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