September 29, 2016

We’ve all been there, trying to choose what everyone will wear for family portraits. The task can be overwhelming and at times even a bit frustrating. We totally get that. You should have seen us trying to choose outfits for our recent Anniversary Photo Session, and there is only three of us. However with a little time and effort you can choose outfits that creatively showcase your family’s unique style and compliment your family as a whole, as well as individuals.

We are sharing a few tips on how to choose outfits for your family portrait session this upcoming fall. We hope that this blog post not only helps to take some of the burden out of selecting outfits, but also inspires you and kick starts your creative process.

Choose a color palette 

Choosing a color palette right away is one of the easiest ways to start narrowing down what everyone will wear. Remember to choose interesting and diverse colors. Selecting a color palette with at the very least 3+ colors in it will create visually compelling images and will give you more clear and specific options to choose from when selecting outfits. If you are in need of help finding a color palette we’ve got some inspiration for you on our Pinterest board.

Texture & Patterns 

Adding in texture and patterns to your family’s outfits is a great way make your images feel effortless and cohesive. Chunky scarfs and/or sweaters and chambray add beautiful texture, and clothing with patterns give a pop and interest to your outfits.

Think Effortless 

The tendency and style in the past for family portraits was matching. You want your outfits to be well coordinated, however try and avoid looking to0 matchy-matchy. Think effortless. Kind of like you all just showed up to family dinner and all of your outfits just “worked” together. Coordinating will make all your attires compliment each other where as matching will make you look all the same.

Never Underestimate Accessories

Accessories have a way of pulling everything together! It can make your outfits go from just good to down right GREAT! Decide on what accessories you’ll be incorporating into your outfits ahead of time. You can use accessories like jewelry, scarfs, boots, hats, headbands, and more to pull in pops of colors and add texture ;). Also don’t forget shoes. It’s best to make sure everyone’s shoes coordinate well with the overall outfits and feel. Try and avoid wearing old worn out every day shoes or shoes that are brightly colored but don’t go with the overall feel of the color palette.

Choose Outfits Early & Lay Them Out All Together

This one can be kind of difficult but I believe it is really helpful. Start trying to decide what you will all be wearing at least a week before your shoot. Waiting until the night before will leave more room for unnecessary stress. Also it really visually helps if you can lay out everything together, accessories, shoes, and all. This will help you see if you need anything else or need to make changes. If you don’t all live in the same house, try and have everyone text pictures of their entire outfit to each other and have someone techie piece it all together in a collage.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read these tips, we hope they’ve got you inspired and excited for your family photos this year!

Enjoy some family portrait inspiration from last years MINI session day. Happy Thursday!

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