November 7, 2019

Celeste + Blaise’s wedding was so much fun for us to be a part of. Celeste + Blaise met in college, and they planned their wedding in Celeste’s hometown. Celeste and her sister went to the same high school as I did, so it was so special to see so many kind familiar faces at their wedding. To say that Celeste and Blaise are kind, thoughtful, and personable people feels like a massive understatement. Celeste + Blaise are some of the BEST!

When we sat down with them to plan their wedding day timeline, they were so laidback and joyful, so ready to start this next season together. We talked for hours, and we loved hearing about their jobs, wedding, and plans for the future. These two have adventurous spirits, and we love that. They even spent their honeymoon in Iceland, which is a big ticket item on my bucket list!

The love and joy at this wedding was so very tangible. If you don’t already know it we LOVE seeing couples get married. It’s our favorite thing! Some of my favorite moments of this day was seeing the amount of love Celeste + Blaise were surrounded by! It was perfect! Plus their first look was a tear jerker. It’s so very obvious that these two adore each other beyond words.

Celeste + Blaise, we’re so excited for you. You two have a beautiful journey ahead of you. We’re pretty biased, but we love the married life, and think that you will too! We’ll be definitely coming to you for some recommendation for when we travel to Iceland. We hope that these images put a smile on your face today, and for years to come! Your love for each other is exceptional! Thank you for allowing us the honor of capturing this special day for you.

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