November 9, 2019

Couple’s like Sam & Kayla are the reason that we do what we do! We love a good wedding, but more than anything we love the reason for that wedding. Couples and their story are what fuel our hearts and mission, and people like Sam & Kayla make us love our jobs even more than we do already. Which is saying something! From the moment we met Kayla & Sam they have been so welcoming and so caring. We love when we walk into a wedding day and not only the bride & groom greet us, but their families and friends greet us also. And that’s exactly how Sam & Kayla’s wedding day began. Lots of hugs, introductions, and SO much joy. It’s a treat for us to get to serve not only our couple’s, but their friend and family also!

We loved Kayla & Sam’s vision for their wedding day. They had a high value for getting to be with their friends and family celebrating on their day, and they wanted a classic and timeless ecstatic set against the gorgeous backdrop of the fall colors at Tyler Arboretum. This day couldn’t have been more stunning, and Sam + Kayla really crafted a very special celebration. There are so many moments that stick out to me as being “just the BEST”, but one in particular is when Kayla & Sam’s beautiful dog Ranger made an appearance during photos! Ranger is such a huge part of Sam & Kayla’s lives, so it felt so perfect that he would get to be a part of their wedding day. He was so excited to see his mom and dad, and we loved capturing those moments!

Kayla’s uncle conducted a beautiful service, and I loved seeing Kayla & Sam look back and forth at each other and their friends and family, it was such a tender joyful wedding ceremony, and it really encompassed their relationship! If you can’t to tell, we can’t say enough of good things about Kayla & Sam! They’re one of a kind!

Kayla & Sam, it was a delight and honor getting to know you, and getting to be a part of your wedding day. It was truly unforgettable, and we hope that this little preview of some of your wedding images, put a huge smile on your face, and that they forever remind you of the depth of love you share, and the tangible happiness that was felt on your wedding day. We’ve loved getting to know you over this season, and hope that our paths cross again soon!

Venue | Tyler Arboretum 

Flowers | Flowers by Lori Ann

Dress | Delta by Hayley Paige

Hair Stylist | Michelle from Blush Salon Newtown Square

Makeup Artist | Gina Stauffer

Catering |Jeffrey A. Miller Catering

Cake | Jeffrey A. Miller Catering

DJ | Center Stage Entertainment

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