August 23, 2019

If you missed the Florence portion of Jaclyn + Lewis’s engagement photo session, you’re going to want to back track and check it out! As we shared previously we jumped on a plane a few weeks ago to make sure that Jaclyn & Lewis got the most incredible engagement photos, and part of our adventure lead us to the Italian countryside. The countryside was actually one of my favorite parts of Italy. If you love golden fields, olive grooves, and vineyards then you’ve got to go and explore the Tuscany region (which is massive by the way!) 

As we planned for Jaclyn + Lewis’s engagement photos we knew that we wanted to have part of their engagement photos captured in the countryside. After finishing up our morning in Florence, we started to drive towards that region. This part of the journey is my favorite, because it held a bit of mystery. The exact location that we were looking for was a bit tricky to find. We had searched online for the exact location of one of the iconic windy roads lined with cypress trees in the Tuscan countryside, but since we didn’t now exactly where it was, “just more of a general idea” we really went into the search a bit blind. We left plenty of time to spare, just in case we couldn’t find it. Finally after hours on the road, we kept felt like we were getting closer and closer…and then we FOUND IT! 

With the help of google maps, a kind blogger we found this location west of a town called La Foce. Just off the beaten path, and what is actually a public road…don’t you wish roads around here looked like this?!? Anyway we so excited to share these images with you all. Jaclyn + Lewis were such troopers, after a long day of travel they made the countryside come alive with their love. Again I can’t say how grateful I am for the opportunity to save these unforgettable moments for Jaclyn & Lewis. So without further ado…Enjoy Jaclyn & Lewis in the Countryside! 

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