March 23, 2018

In our recent Getting Ready Mini Series we’ve talked a lot about how the ladies can make sure the getting-ready portion of their wedding day is a breeze, but we really haven’t touched much on the gentlemen. Generally men don’t take as long to get ready (in real-life and in the wedding world), however that doesn’t mean we don’t have a few good tips up our sleeves for all you Grooms-to-be out there. Because weddings days aren’t just about the Bride!! So guys here are a few tips for you, on how you can make the getting ready portion of your GOLDEN! 


  • Break The Shoes In

There is nothing worse then having stiff and painful shoes, let alone on your wedding day. Make sure you break in the shoes you will be wearing that day, a good week in advance, to ensure you’ll be comfortable for all the walking, standing, and dancing that’s ahead.

  • Trying That Tux on Before the Wedding Day

Imagine you are getting ready on your wedding day and you are putting on your suit, and suddenly you realize your pants are too long and the jacket is too loose, and now you’re looking a little less 007’ and more like uncle Bob. Be sure to try your suit or tuxedo on, several weeks before your wedding day. If you are renting, consider a company that allows you to receive your rental early, so you have time to make changes if needed. We often recommend “The Black Tux”.

  • Don’t forget that Boutonniere

Let’s be honest guys, it doesn’t take all that long for you to get ready on your wedding day. Mostly likely you’ll have a good chunk of time to hang out with the guys. Just don’t forget about those boutonnieres! They often get overlooked, and can hold up the schedule if you have to scramble to find them and then pin them on. And who exactly knows how to pin on a boutonniere?!?! Moms and/or wedding coordinators are usually best at it. Plan a designated time for someone to swing by and pin on your boutonniere, so you’ll be ready to go for pictures or the next major event scheduled.

  • Avoid Getting Ready In A Dungeon

The ladies aren’t the only one’s who should choose a getting-ready room with lots of natural light. You’re going to want those candid photos of you and your groomsmen having a grand old time, before all the wedding craziness kicks off. Those images will ultimately be better if you’re not getting ready in a basement, or any other area without adequate lighting. (Keep in mind that one window is better then none.)

  • Cufflinks, Watches, and Pocket Squares…OH MY

Photographers want to capture these details that make up your wedding day attire. Don’t be shy, feel free to let your photographer know if a particular detail is significant to you. Maybe you got your groomsmen custom flasks, or you’re wearing your grandfather’s watch whatever it is, we’ll be glad to spend a little extra time capturing it.


There you have it, happy Friday!


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