How is it that we are saying good-bye to 2018 already! I’m pretty sure I just got used to writing 2018 on all our documents, and now 2019 is just days away. New Year’s is actually one of our favorite holidays! I love the promise and hope of a new beginning, and the anticipation of […]

Hello Everyone! We’re excited to get to share this collaboration with you all today! At the end of March our whole team got together for this SUPER fun team training! We all got to work together, be creative, and learn together. It was a great time, and we anticipate this being something we do often […]

Hello & Happy Friday! Wedding season is upon us, and we are loving every moment of it. Weddings are our JAM here, and we are so excited to be talking about one of our favorite things today, and that’s first looks. That’s right today, we are unpacking the first look, talking about why we love […]

Today we are talking FLOWERS! Yep, pretty much my favorite topic in the whole wide world. OK, maybe not my favorite topic, but it’s one of them. I want to start by letting you know that I am not a florist or a flower expert by any means. However we will be talking about flowers […]

Hello! As you may have seen we launched some super exciting news this past week about how our team is growing. And if you haven’t already heard, these people are absolutely incredible! We did some minor introductions last week, however we wanted to really dive in deep and allow you to get to know everyone […]

In our recent Getting Ready Mini Series we’ve talked a lot about how the ladies can make sure the getting-ready portion of their wedding day is a breeze, but we really haven’t touched much on the gentlemen. Generally men don’t take as long to get ready (in real-life and in the wedding world), however that […]

When I walk into a wedding day, I love seeing all of the details the bride and groom choose to fill their “BEST DAY EVER!” Give me shoes, a dress, and amazing flowers, and my creative hearts starts beating a little faster. Not because I particularly love inanimate objects, but because all of the details […]

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we kind of REALLY love weddings around here! We often have people ask us if we ever get tired of it, and the answer is always, NO WAY! Seeing couples join together speaks to our hearts and fuels our creativity. Right now we’re in the midst of a […]

Happy Friday! We hope your upcoming weekend is filled with sunshine and adventure, and we especially hope that all of you brides and grooms out there are enjoying every moment of wedding planning. Wedding planning can take up a lot of time and mental energy, and after years and years of capturing beautiful weddings, we […]