January 22, 2018

Hello & Happy Monday! We hope everyone had a beautiful winter weekend. We spent it together cuddling, laying our tile backsplash, and celebrating my Dad’s birthday with roast beef, mashed potatoes, and oatmeal pie (YUM!) This season is such a sweet one for us, filled with settling into our new home, and enjoying a slightly slower pace. We know however that during this time of year a lot couples are entering into a season of planning and preparing for their upcoming wedding. If the holidays left you swooning over a new sparkly ring, this post is for you! The early stages of wedding of planning are generally filled with budgeting, meeting vendors, choosing a date, and of course finding “the dress!” We have found that your engagement photo session is generally one of the first really super fun things that you get to do together as an engaged couple after the proposal of course. So today we are sharing five of our favorite tips to prepare for your engagement photo session, and some of our favorite engagement photos from 2017. Enjoy!

  • Plan a Date Night for After your Engagement Photos

This tip may seem like it’s totally unrelated to your engagement photos, however we think it is the most important tip of all. In the midst of planning and decision making it is so vital to keep what really matters at the forefront, and that’s your relationship. Plan a night for just to two of you, where you lay aside wedding planning and simply have fun together. Your session will already be filled with tons of laughter, but why not build the anticipation even further by planning a special evening together afterwards (plus you’ll already be dressed up 😉 .) Not sure what to do for date night?!? Read about five of our favorite date nights, HERE. (BONUS you get to see Hugo and I on one of our first dates ever from years ago if you open that link!!!)

  • Pamper Yourself

Ladies, this one will probably speak to you specifically. Your engagement photos are a special occasion. We often recommend to our clients that they treat themselves. Some brides enjoy spending a quiet evening at home painting their nails, or going to the salon with a friend. Also why not consider having your hair or make-up done professionally!?!? It doesn’t have to be anything over the top, just something to commemorate the moment. Plus you’ll feel super confident, and extra photo ready.

  • Create Cohesion Throughout your Outfits 

I bet you were wondering when we were going to mention outfits. Choosing outfits can be one of the most challenging parts of having your photos taken, however it doesn’t have to be. Consider creating cohesion throughout your multiple sets of outfits. This doesn’t mean that your outfits have to be exactly the same, just try and avoid outfits that are abruptly different from one another. Laying your outfits out all together in one place, so that you can see them clearly. Those outfits should compliment each other, and coordinate well together. Doing this will ensure your engagement photos are extra stunning!

  • Think Ahead 

An engagement photo session is the perfect time to get comfortable in front of the camera, and sets you up to be comfortable and confident during your wedding day portraits. In addition to that, many couples use their engagement photos for their save-the-dates, invitations, guests books, and as decor in their home. When choosing your outfits and even location, consider choosing pieces that tie into the style, vision, and colors of your wedding day. Also don’t forget that you might want to hang some of these images in your home, so you’ll want to make sure your outfits and colors flow with your overall style.

  • Arrive on Time  

You’ve got everything ready for your amazing engagement photo session, now make sure you leave plenty of space in your day to arrive on time. There is nothing worst then the stress of running late. It can create tension between you and your significant other, and get your session off to a rocky start. Also keep in mind that if you arrive late your photographer will have less time to capture you in the best light of the day, and could result in having a shorter session then planned. Arriving on time to your session will ensure you have lots of time to have amazing portraits captured.


Below, we are sharing some of our favorite images from engagement photo sessions we captured in 2017. This past year was such an amazing one, and everyone of our couples are amazing! It was so special to see their unique personalities as a couple shine through in their photos.

We hope these tips and images leave you inspired and ready for an awesome engagement photo session! And if you are recently engaged, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at: info@janaerosephotography.com, perhaps you will see some of your images on our 2018 favorites post!




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