February 23, 2018

Hello & Happy Friday! We hope your weekend plans involve friends, family, and pizza. ūüėČ We are attending a marriage conference this weekend, we are ready to be inspired by other amazing couples, their wisdom and¬†legacy. Leading up to this weekend, we have been thinking about our own marriage, and we found ourselves flipping through the pages of our wedding album. The day it all began, almost every time I look at our wedding album I’m filled with an¬†abundance of emotions, from tears to laughter, it is truly one of our most valued physical¬†possession!

You know that nagging question, “If your house was on fire, and everyone was safe, what items would you save?” Well for us, our wedding album is truly at the top of list, and today we’re sharing why we know you will never regret printing your precious memories.

A wedding album can be a considerable investment, and as a newly married couple it’s easy to feel like those resources could be used on more “necessary” items. In the digital age we live in, it’s super easy to let those beautiful memories just sit on your¬†devices collecting digital dust, and we want this post to inspire you to create more tangible memories for your home and legacy! So without further delay here are “3 reasons why you will never regret printing a wedding album”.

  • You are investing in an experience, not just pages and cover.¬†

Imagine every wedding anniversary, cuddling up together on your sofa flipping through the pages of a priceless family heirloom, that holds the images of your beloved wedding day. You will laugh at the photos of your family “cutting it up” on the dance floor, and you will maybe even shed a few tears over the memories of the first moment you saw each other on that BIG day. A flood of memories will fill your mind and heart, and as the years go by, new people may be added to this tradition of looking through that wedding album. Your children and grandchildren, will be able to “live through” that day because of that album. They will probably laugh at the changes in fashion, and maybe even marvel at how much they look like their grandma or grandpa. That album will become a reminder of your history and story, although you may have hundreds of digital images from that day happily stored away and backed-up on an online gallery, it will never compare to investing in a quality and timeless family heirloom that you can pass down to the next generation.

  • You are creating a durable quality piece of art for your home.¬†

Albums are such a beautiful piece of conversational art to have in your home. When guests come, they will instantly gravitate towards the stunning album that sits on your coffee table or shelf. You will actually get to sit next to them and share those memories, rather then pulling up a slideshow on your TV or computer. In addition, if you are printing an album through your wedding photographer, you are more then likely investing in an album that will stand the test of time. It will hold up to the wear and tear of little fingers, endure multiple moves, and anything else life decides to throw at you.

  • It’s a timeless way of preserving your memories.¬†

Think about when you have looked through your parents or grandparents wedding photos. Were they in an album??? More than likely they were. Printing an album is a timeless way of keeping your photos. Not only will it never go out of style, but you can be reassured you have a copy of your wedding photos that will never crash, be deleted, or get lost in a junk drawer. Technology is constantly growing and changing, however printing will remain a timeless medium through which we experience photos, and it makes for an amazing ‘real life’ back up. Not to mention that holding those images in your hands is way more rewarding then scrolling through files on a computer or phone. Like we said before the loved ones in your life will be sure to¬†benefit from those memories that are created by looking through your wedding album


  1. Sharon says:

    Hi Janae Rose Photography,
    I love reading your blog and thoroughly enjoy your work! I am a photographer who grew up in Myerstown, Pa, and I just saw the other day that is where you live as well:) I read this blog about the albums and was wondering where you design your albums and who you order them through. Thanks so much for your time and have a great day! -Sharon

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