February 7, 2018

Hello & Happy Wednesday! If you’re local, we hope this sweet snowy/rainy day finds you cozy and warm. Hugo and I get really excited for this post every year! I talked about this last year, but we often start our new year by casting vision for the future, and by refining our craft and business. However in that process we’ve found it important to look back. Reflecting on the previous year allows us to take note of what we did really well, and to remember all of the beautiful stories and people that have invited us on their journey. As much as we love taking photos, and all the technical aspects of our job, what we truly see as most valuable is the couples that we get to work with. Every couple has such a unique story, and getting to be a part of telling a piece of that story, is something that we never take for granted. Plus all of our couples are SUPER amazing, and getting to share our lives with them as well, makes the journey even sweeter!

Enjoy looking through some of our favorite wedding work from the year 2017! If you are newly engaged or will be soon (Valentines is next Wednesday!), we would love for your wedding day images to be featured on our best of 2018 next winter, and to honor all of the 50 amazing couples that allowed us capture their love stories on 2017, we are offering a $500 discount on any of our collections if you book your wedding with us before February 28th, 2018.

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