February 27, 2018

Hey Photographers, that’s right we’re talking to you. We are super excited to be starting a brand new venture here on the blog, and we think you’re going to love it. We are firm believers in the fact that sometimes, all it takes in life is to have someone come alongside of you, and say, “You’ve got this friend, we believe in you!” And that’s why we are started a new series especially for photographers. Today is just the beginning. Today we’re going to be sharing more about the series, what it’s purpose is, and what kind of content we’ll be covering.

What is the purpose of this series?

The purpose of this series is to equip, encourage, and train photographers in the technical and business aspects of photography. Our desire is that you come away from this series learning more about photography and business, and being over all inspired to chase your dreams fearlessly.

When can we expect to see this series launch and how often will you be posting?

We are working hard to create refreshing, inspiring, educational, and encouraging content, and you can expect the series to officially kick off on Tuesday March 6th (YAY!) We will be posting every other Tuesday of every single month!

What kind of content will we be covering in this new series?

We have got a lot of good stuff planned, however we will mostly be diving into topics that range from…

    • Technical photography skills
    • Lighting and posing
    • Setting your business up for success
    • Creating an amazing client experience

These are just a few of the many topics we plan on exploring throughout this series. However we do need your help! We are so excited about this series, and although we have lots planned, we want to hear from YOU. That’s right! Is there a particular topic, you as a photographer would love to hear us share about? This series is completely customizable, and we can’t wait for you to let us know what subjects you’d love to see discussed.

Do you have any other forms of education for photographers available?

We do! We provide one-on-one mentor sessions catered towards any type of photographer, whether you are just learning or a seasoned pro. If you are interested in booking a one-on-one mentor session. Feel free to contact us at . Can’t wait to hear from you!

  1. Paige Frey says:

    Hey Janae! I would love to hear about how you guys make almost every photo feel candid. I can feel the love in your pictures, and they’re not at all stiff. I would be interested in things you say or things you tell them to say to each other or if you tell them to do things or if you let them be. Any helpful hints! Thank you!!

  2. Brittany Crawford says:

    I agree with Paige, but I would also love to hear more about the business side to photography! How you go about contracts and creating a website and figuring out prices! Also how you build your profile and gain clients! I am so excited for this and I can’t wait to learn so much from you guys!

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