April 7, 2020

Hello and happy whatever day this is. We hope that you’re finding rest and peace in this season. Our hope is that today’s images bring a little bit of beauty into your life, and that it reminds you that one day we will return to the outdoors with the one’s we love so dearly. Andrea & Fernando have been dear and loyal friends to us, and for that we can not thank them enough. It started years ago, and we’ve had the honor of capturing their engagement photos at Lake Atitlán, their wedding in a garden in Guatemala, and Anniversary photos in New York City! But more than the opportunity to capture this amazing couple, we’re so thankful that we’ve gotten to know them and cultivate a friendship.

Some of you may know we spent almost two months in Guatemala this past winter, spending time with family and capturing amazing couples like this! One Saturday we spent hours hiking with Andrea & Fernando, and of course I had to bring my camera along to sneak in a few images of this amazing couple! I love the deep greens we found in the woods, and the hanging bridge that reminded us of their engagement photos years ago. Another fun fact about this impromptu portrait session was that our oldest daughter Gloria choose Andrea’s outfit for these images. With a backpack full of options Gloria was insistent that Andrea wear the dress she brought along. *So sorry Andrea*

Andrea & Fernando, thank you for always being up for photos. Thank you for sharing your lives with us, and always taking the time to visit us when we’re in Guatemala. Thank you for being so generous and kind to our daughters, and for now introducing me to Tortrix “Elote Asado”! We always look forward to when our paths will cross again! 

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