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 P  H  O  T  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y

This session was SO fun for me. Capturing these kinds of moments make my heart so happy and speak to my creative heart. This family is so dear, and I loved their vision for a summer session that was more lifestyle in nature. Capturing moments and getting to collaborate and create an environment for families […]

We are so excited to share this family portrait session with you all! This family is amazing, they were SO much fun to photograph, and we love their joy and laughter together. We had such a fantastic time wandering around David’s parents farm, exploring the meadow, barns, and green fields. Audrey & David’s little boy is […]

This lifestyle family portrait photo session makes my heart smile. Not only was it incredibly wonderful to capture, but it was for my awesome cousin’s family! Chad & Jenny have the sweetest kiddos, and their daughter is pretty much the same age as our Gloria (which is super fun)! We loved capturing this family in […]

I‘m super excited to share this sweet newborn photo session with you all on this cloudy Wednesday! A mid-week newborn cuddle doesn’t sound so bad right now, but since I don’t have a squishy little newborn at my at my disposal today I’ll live vicariously through this fun newborn photo session. Evangelina and her family were […]

Today we were reminiscing (what’s new?!?) and were reminded of this sweet family portrait session we shoot in early December this past year. Zacharie & Stevie, and their sweet son Abe are dear friends of ours, and they are currently in Haiti building an orphanage (that we were honored to visit in 2016.) So much progress has been […]

This time of the year takes on a slower pace, and it’s a time that I greatly anticipate getting to photograph sweet tiny newborn babes! These sessions always bring back sweet memories of when our own little lady was a newborn herself. Those long winter days spent cuddling  are something I will treasure in my […]

We’ve all been there, trying to choose what everyone will wear for family portraits. The task can be overwhelming and at times even a bit frustrating. We totally get that. You should have seen us trying to choose outfits for our recent Anniversary Photo Session, and there is only three of us. However with a little time and effort you […]

As our third anniversary approached we threw out the idea of doing an anniversary session, and Hugo told me that he would plan it for us. He did did an amazing job! From the photographers, location, and the beautiful anniversary ring he gave to me during our session. Everything was perfect, and it was such a […]

Little girls are the best! I’m probably bias cause I have a little girl myself, but really! This session was so fun for me. It was laid back, full of running after a very active toddler, and chatting with an extremely sweet pre-schooler. I love seeing the stages that children go through, each stage is […]

A few weeks back we captured Lorene & Duane’s engagement photos near Columbus, OH. Because of the distance we decided that instead of hurrying back home we would explore for a day. We love exploring new places together, especially cities and we are excited that we got to officially check Columbus off the list. When it […]