March 7, 2018

Hey there fellow photographers!

Have you seen those images of stunning brides & grooms underneath that perfectly fluffed wedding veil, and wonder how that image was created?!? Well we were in the same boat several years ago, and through a process of trial and error discovered a few techniques for capturing these dreamy images. As we started to incorporate more “under the veil” images into our wedding day posing, we have to admit that we find of got hooked! 😉 Creating these classic and romantic images makes our photographers hearts soar, and today were are sharing some tips on how you can also create those super romantic “Under the Veil” portraits!

  1. Comfort First. 

Think about times that you have been outside of your comfort zone, and someone swooped in and explained to you exactly what was going on. Didn’t that feel great?!?! Or at the very least put your mind at ease. I love when I go to a professional, and they let me “in” on their process, rather then just solely doing their job without telling me the why behind what they’re doing.

As photographers we often have a vision of what we are trying to achieve in our minds, and its important to let the bride & groom “in” on what is going on in our heads. Otherwise they may end up feeling a little awkward or out of place. Cause let’s be real, “hanging out” under a veil is not an every day experience. We often tell the couple’s we’re working with that this moment in particular is going to feel a little ridiculous, but these shots are super romantic and fun, and it might even end up being one of their favorites. This will ultimately make them feel more comfortable, and allow you the opportunity to pose them in a way that feels really nature, in a somewhat unnatural circumstance.

2. Shoot Wide

As we first started to incorporate this type of image into my overall posing, We found ourselves not loving the initial results. We knew that something was slightly “off”, and later found that shooting this image with a wider lens was a better way of achieving the look we desired. I was typically shooting on a 50mm lens, and later made the switch to almost always shooting these images with a 35mm lens. “Under the Veil” images already have a level of “intimacy” to them without shooting super close on your subjects faces. Also by using a wider lens you are able to fill more of the frame with the veil. (YAY!)

3. Assistance. Assistance.

It’s always good to have someone behind you, literally. I’ve found that trying to manage this particular shot by yourself is not ideal. Not impossible, but not ideal. Having someone who is able to hold the veil up for you will help create that perfect movement and texture through the veil itself. The bonus is you get to solely focus on directing the bride and groom, and capturing that amazing portrait. Also your assistant can ensure the bride’s hair isn’t being messed up, because let’s not forget the veil is attached to her head.

4. It’s All In The Eyes

Directing the bride & groom to either close their eyes or to look towards the ground will not only showcase the bride’s stunning eyelashes, but will make the image you capture feel soft and dreamy. Rather then having the couple look at the camera, tell them to rest their heads together and close their eyes. This ultimately will make this moment feel more candid, and super romantic.

5. Choose your Background Wisely

When you flip that veil over the top of the bride & grooms heads you are creating an image where the bride & groom are the main focus. Choose a background that compliments your intentions for this image, because even though the background will be obscured by the veil a busy backdrop can still still draw the eyes attention away from the beautiful bride and groom. Choose a background that is soft and free of lots of lines or distracting elements. This will help aid in creating a clean photo.


OK, this one is clearly not an under the veil. 😉 But I just love it so much, can’t help myself. 😉 Brittany & Mitch are amazing!

  1. mary says:

    This was extremely helpful and I’m so excited to apply these tips!! Thank you 🙂

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