March 9, 2018

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we kind of REALLY love weddings around here! We often have people ask us if we ever get tired of it, and the answer is always, NO WAY! Seeing couples join together speaks to our hearts and fuels our creativity. Right now we’re in the midst of a “Getting Ready Mini Series” for all you awesome folks out there. We’ve been talking about all things “getting ready”, and today we’re chatting getting ready rooms! We’re sharing some of our favorite tips for “Choosing the Perfect Getting Ready Room for your Wedding.” We hope this one leaves you informed, inspired, and excited!

  • Choose a Room with Lots of Windows

Natural light is SO flattering on every single person. By choosing a getting ready room that is equipped lots of windows you will ensure that the moments as you slip into your wedding dress for the first time on your BIG day will be beautifully documented. Avoid choosing a location with very limited window light or locations with lots of overhead fluorescent lighting. Think bright spaces with tall ceilings. If your venue doesn’t provide a space like this, consider possibly choosing an alternate location. We promise you won’t regret it!

  • Charm & Style

When selecting a location choose one that matches your overall style and vibe of your wedding day. This will make the images you receive from your day feel effortless and flow cohesively with the rest of your wedding day images. Tip: You could even check out Airbnb, to find a location filled with tons of charm (and light!) Airbnb’s tend to be less expensive and also provide a little more character then a standard hotel room. Choosing a location with lots of character will make your photos more unique, and give your photographers lots of options when capturing you.

  • Declutter

Look for a place that isn’t overly cluttered. Spaces with lots of clean lines plenty of space are perfect for those stunning bridal portraits of you slipping into your shoes and touching up your hair. Also try and keep the space your getting ready in free of excess clutter as well. You may want to consider putting someone in charge of keeping the room tidy through the morning, especially the areas around the windows, because your photographer will want to utilize those spaces.

  • Keep Color In Mind

Never underestimate the power of neutral walls! Your getting ready space doesn’t need to be pure white, however keep in mind that rooms with super bold colors painted on the walls can sometimes effect the way your skin tone will look in photos, especially if there isn’t a whole lot of natural light present. (Yikes, no one wants that!) This doesn’t mean you have to get ready in a space without character. The rooms furniture and decor will add those pops of color, dimension, and texture that we ALL love.



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