How is it that we are saying good-bye to 2018 already! I’m pretty sure I just got used to writing 2018 on all our documents, and now 2019 is just days away. New Year’s is actually one of our favorite holidays! I love the promise and hope of a new beginning, and the anticipation of […]

When I first started Janae Rose Photography, I was wide-eyed and ready to start shooting weddings. I was also a nervous wreck every time I had a wedding scheduled. Naturally I wanted to do my best for each and everyone of my clients. I knew how to handle those mild perfect warm summer days, but […]

Hello! As you may have seen we launched some super exciting news this past week about how our team is growing. And if you haven’t already heard, these people are absolutely incredible! We did some minor introductions last week, however we wanted to really dive in deep and allow you to get to know everyone […]

Hello Fellow Photographers, We hope you’ve been loving this blog series as much as we have, because just like you photography is our JAM, and sharing more about our process puts a little extra pep in our step. 🙂 This upcoming month we will be talking about GEAR, (you know all that technical stuff that […]

When I first started in this photography adventure, I would “pin” these gorgeous images of couples laughing and loving on each other. I was so drawn to those particular types of images, because they felt so REAL. There was something authentic about the couples interaction, and it felt as if a photographer just stumble among […]

Hey there fellow photographers! Have you seen those images of stunning brides & grooms underneath that perfectly fluffed wedding veil, and wonder how that image was created?!? Well we were in the same boat several years ago, and through a process of trial and error discovered a few techniques for capturing these dreamy images. As […]

Hey Photographers, that’s right we’re talking to you. We are super excited to be starting a brand new venture here on the blog, and we think you’re going to love it. We are firm believers in the fact that sometimes, all it takes in life is to have someone come alongside of you, and say, […]