January 30, 2017

JANAE : Exactly four years ago today I woke up way too early, and rushed off to a client meeting, where I anticipated booking another great summer wedding. Unbeknownst to me that meeting would turn out pretty different then I expected…

HUGO : Because for a couple of weeks I had been emailing Janae using a fake email and alias, in order to book that exact meeting  with her. I had her believing I was interested in booking her for my July wedding.  

I’m usually pretty sharp, but when it came to this particular circumstance, it never even crossed my mind that something may be out of place.

The day before the meeting I asked Janae if she even knew who these people were, trying to confuse her even more…

Hugo, totally played me, and even had me a bit freaked out. Wondering if this meeting was legit, and questioning wherever or not it was odd to be planning a meeting at 7:00 am in the morning. But even with my reservations I decided to go.

Janae asked me to come to the meeting with her, (I think I really freaked her out), but I refused, although I did agree to meet her for breakfast after the meeting had finished.

That morning I woke up, bright and early. Ready to book that “wedding.” I was excited to meet my new potential clients. A little nervous with Hugo’s words in head, but figured “hey, what’s the worst that could happen.”

I got up early that morning and headed to the Lititz Springs park where I spent a good half and hour praying waiting for 7 am to come, and at 7 am I was already waiting for Janae to arrive at Tomato Pie Cafe (her favorite cafe), and those 10 mins she was late felt like an eternity, I started to think that maybe I had scared her off and that she would not come to the meeting.

I was late due to uncalculated traffic, and my inability to parallel park. I finally decided to park across the street, and I raced over to the cafe, not wanting to make a bad impression on my new clients. I busted through the doors to see Hugo sitting in the middle of the cafe, with a big goofy grin on his face and a bouquet of flowers. At first I thought that maybe I have gotten the times mixed up, or that he had decided to join my client meeting. Until then it hit me…

I remember her walking through the door all dressed up and with her laptop along, the look on her face was priceless, she seemed all confused although the flowers on the table kind gave me away.

I remember sitting down and saying to Hugo. “So I guess I don’t have a meeting?” To which he replied that he was interested in booking OUR wedding. Isn’t that sweet?!?

From there on it all seems blurry, we were both in tears as I proposed, I said I did not lie to her, I was trying to book a wedding. “Our own.” We even got married in July, like I had said in my emails.

We got engaged in the middle of that cafe on a Wednesday, just the two of us and the baristas. The cafe even gifted us our meal! Four years later, it feels like almost a lifetime ago, and in some ways like it was just yesterday. We went back to that cafe today (although not quite as early, and with a toddler!) We get to hear a lot of proposal stories, and as great as each and every one of them is, ours is still our favorite.

Today we took a picture, cause four years ago we forgot. 







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