Today is the day that we say “adios amigo” to 2019, and we embrace 2020. The beginning of this decade is when I began to dabble with the idea of starting my own wedding photography business. If you would have told me ten years ago what my life would look like today, I don’t think […]

This past spring, we traveled to Perth Australia for my friend Clarissa’s wedding! We were SO excited to be able to take this trip with our girls, and one of the things that we knew we wanted to do on our trip was swim with Whale Sharks! Swimming with Whale Sharks in Australia has been […]

Hello & Happy whatever day this is! We’re currently in the land down under, and we’re in a different day then all our people at home in PA and Guatemala. Being twelve hours or less ahead of our friends and family is quiet the different feeling! We can’t wait to share more about our current […]

Hello & Happy Friday! This morning when I stepped outside it felt very much like Spring. Not necessarily because of the temperature, but because birds were singing and our trees are starting to bud. To be fair though, we kind of got to kick start Spring a little early this year.  Guatemala is often referred […]

Hello & Happy Friday! We’ve been meaning to share some photos with y’all from our vacation with family at the beginning of the month, and boy oh boy did the time just flew right by. Life with a newborn (or really just kids in general), is so wild. There are some days that feel never […]

Hola! As you may know by now, we added a beautiful baby girl to our family this past May. We welcomed Zara Rose into the world at 1:24 pm on May 14th, exactly on her due date! Today we are sharing some of our favorite images from our newborn photo session with the amazing and […]

Hello & Happy Day! We have very few regrets about how things went when we were pregnant with our first daughter, Gloria. However the only one we have was that we didn’t have maternity photos taken. Don’t ask what we were thinking! I mean we’re photographers for goodness sakes, you’d think we’d have our act […]

Hello! As you may have seen we launched some super exciting news this past week about how our team is growing. And if you haven’t already heard, these people are absolutely incredible! We did some minor introductions last week, however we wanted to really dive in deep and allow you to get to know everyone […]

Raise your hand if you LOVE vacation!?! We are right there with you, folks. Now that vacation season is upon us, it is one of those times that many of us find ourselves picking up our camera’s to capture those incredible memories. Whether you are spending hours soaking up the sunshine on the beach, pitching […]

JANAE : Exactly four years ago today I woke up way too early, and rushed off to a client meeting, where I anticipated booking another great summer wedding. Unbeknownst to me that meeting would turn out pretty different then I expected… HUGO : Because for a couple of weeks I had been emailing Janae using […]