March 16, 2018

When I walk into a wedding day, I love seeing all of the details the bride and groom choose to fill their “BEST DAY EVER!” Give me shoes, a dress, and amazing flowers, and my creative hearts starts beating a little faster. Not because I particularly love inanimate objects, but because all of the details of a wedding add up to tell a truly bigger story. We’re firm believers that details deserve to be documented, not just to show off “something” beautiful, but to remember all the pieces that filled the day that a couples began their marriage!

Wedding day detail photos, add such a vibrancy and meaningfulness to the overall sum of photos a couple receives from their day, and because of that we think these photos are worth talking about. SO…today we’re talking about how you can “HELP YOUR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER, GET YOU AMAZING DETAIL PHOTOS!” That’s right we’re spilling all the little secrets that make for amazing detail photos, and how you can help! 😉

  • Keep It All Together

On your wedding day we’ll walk in the door, give you a BIG hug, and maybe even squeal a few times. Then we’re going to jump right into capturing all those beautiful wedding details that you spent so much time curating. Having the items that you’d like to be photographed in one location will minimize the amount of time that’s spent tracking down each item. Meaning there will be more time to get super creative with these specific photos! (WIN, WIN!)

  • Flower Power

If you’re anything like me then you may have a somewhat hardcore obsession with flowers (yeep, I’m that lady digitally hoarding garden photos over on Pinterest.) Infatuation aside though, flowers add so much texture and color to those wedding day detail photos. Having your wedding bouquet available during this time will elevate the overall style and beauty of these images. Plan to have your florist drop off your bouquet, boutonnieres, and any other important floral elements, slightly before the photographer arrives.

PRO TIP: Also if you’re feeling generous ask them to throw in a few of the leftover blooms and/or greenery. Your photographer can use those elements while styling your amazing detail photos.

  • Leave Nothing Out

The more the merrier is our motto when it comes to detail photos. Feel free to include “all the things” when you hand off those pretty little details to us. Shoes, jewelry, veil, bouquet, perfume, invitations, dress, wedding rings, and the list goes on…we’ll take it ALL! If you’re including any family heirlooms or sentimental items totally let us know. Your photographer will want to spend extra time documenting those parts of your story.

PRO TIP : Include a wooden or other special hanger for your wedding dress photos. Those plastic one’s they usually come on are not as endearing. Also feel free to throw in other style elements that flow with your overall wedding, to be used in detail photos. A velvet ring box, leftover ribbon from your bouquet, lace from your mother’s wedding dress. All details are welcomed 😉

  • Let You’re Style Shine

There are no rights or wrongs with what to include in your wedding day. We’ve seen brides walk down the aisle in pink rain boots, wear antique family jewelry, carry a bouquet filled with flowers grown in their grandmothers garden, and the list literally goes on. Run with those wild ideas and always include details that mean something to YOU. Us photographer types get super inspired by the personal touches you add to your day and details!


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