April 3, 2018

Hello Fellow Photographers,

We hope you’ve been loving this blog series as much as we have, because just like you photography is our JAM, and sharing more about our process puts a little extra pep in our step. 🙂

This upcoming month we will be talking about GEAR, (you know all that technical stuff that makes us photographer types hearts beat a little faster.) We will be breaking down the gear that we use and sharing why we love each lens and camera body we own. Also a little teaser for you, through this series we will also be sharing more about how we got started investing in gear, and how you can do the same. Because we all know that camera gear is NOT cheap, and we want to inspire and encourage you in your journey of getting your dream gear.

Today, we are letting you take a little peak inside of our bags, and hope you enjoy seeing what we use to capture the images we post on our blog, website, and social media platforms. Let’s get started!


This past year I made the switch to this beautiful camera, and let me tell you, I was not disappointed. Is this baby perfect?!?!? No she is not, however in all reality if the the camera and tech companies in the world released perfect equipment, that wouldn’t be good for their business. There are varied opinions about this camera, however we are very happy we invested in this one. Some of our favorite features are it’s built in wireless communications, touchscreen, and low light capabilities that leave even our beloved Mark III’s in the dust.

P.S. The fact that I can send images from my camera to our other devices (phones, iPad’s, etc.) makes posting to social media super easy!


Even though we upgraded to the MARK IV, we still use this camera body on regular basis. This camera is golden, with 61 point high density reticular AF, we love it’s crystal clarity and it’s ability to take on low lighting like a champ.

CANON EF 50mm f/1.2L

This lens is like our third child. OK not really, but it’s almost always on one of our cameras when we are shooting a wedding day. We love this lens, not only because it is a beautiful portrait lens, but it’s a just a GREAT overall lens. On a wedding day, we will often shoot detail photos, ceremony photos, and reception photos ALL on this lens. Because, yes it is that great.

CANON EF 35mm f/1.4L

We’ve had this puppy in our bags for a few years now, and the only regret we have about this one is that we didn’t get it sooner. You can often find it on Hugo’s camera. We feel like we might be cheating on our 50mm a bit, but we LOVE this lens! It’s great for wide portraits and groups portraits like family and bridal party, and it is a lens that is really fun to get creative with. If you’re looking for a wide portrait lens, we recommend this one!


This is a lens that is more specialized, we don’t shoot many portraits on it, however it has become an essential in our bag for capturing those rings shots we’ve come to adore. We’d say this one isn’t a requirement, however if you love some good detail photos, this might be one you would consider having in your bag.

CANON EF 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II

THE BIG ONE. Literally this lens is huge, and might you feel like why even bother, however we use this lens specially when shooting wedding ceremonies. We never want to be invasive during a wedding ceremony, so the fact that we don’t have to be standing at the very front of the room to grab breathtaking images of all the actions is sometime we love about this lens.

CANON EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II 

Or as Hugo refers to it, the bottom part of our 70-200mm lens, He has had his eye on this one for a while and we finally added it to our bag just a few months ago, along with our newest Speedlite 600EX II-RT, we have only gotten to photograph a few weddings using it, and it has not disappointed, we are excited and looking forward to fully breaking it in during our 2018 season. One of the things that drew us to this lens was it’s versatility, and the glass really is incredible. Plus it’s one of Jeremy Cowart’s favorite lens, and he’s pretty much a photo genius. 😉


This is the newest addition to our bag, and we’ve actually only gotten to shoot just a hand full of weddings with it, and we can say it has not disappointed. We’re proud of the power and versatility of this flash.


Although we specialize in natural light photography, that doesn’t mean that we don’t wipe our trusty camera flash out for those awesome reception photos! We’ve been really happy with this one, and has done the trick for us quite well.

SanDisk Extreme CF CARD 32 GB 120 MB/s

We do shoot on a variety of cards, however we primarily shoot on SanDisk Extreme CF cards, ranging from 32 GB – 8 GB. We personally like to shoot weddings on a variety of CF cards with at the most 32 GB’s worth of space. We’ve found it to feel a little more secure when we don’t have a WHOLE wedding day on one card, just in case anything would happen to the card. These cards have been very reliable, and have kept up well with our speedy Mark IV

There are have it folks, an in-depth explanation of what’s in our bags. Have questions?!?! Or just love talking about camera gear?!?! We’d love to answer your questions. Gear can be overwhelming and intimidating, and we’d love to take some of the “fear” out of investing for you. Stayed tuned for our next post about how we got started investing in gear, and how you can too!

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