May 1, 2018

When I first started Janae Rose Photography, I was wide-eyed and ready to start shooting weddings. I was also a nervous wreck every time I had a wedding scheduled. Naturally I wanted to do my best for each and everyone of my clients. I knew how to handle those mild perfect warm summer days, but throw in a little bit of weather in the mix, and I was one step short of hyper-ventilating.

What did I do?!?! Well in those cases when I first got started I wiped away my stress tears and figured it out. And although learning from personal experience has benefited me in so many ways, I wish that I would of had someone in my court coaching me along the way. I wish I would have had someone telling me “YOU CAN DO IT!!” (Sidenote: This was pre-Hugo. Now Hugo is all of that to me, and more. 😉 )

So as you can imagine every wedding day I had scheduled I would be glued to the forecast for three whole weeks straight, riding the roller coast that is the “weather”, wondering if I’d have to deal with that daunting thing called “RAIN!” Let me tell you, it happened more then I would have liked, in fact it even rained on mine and Hugo’s wedding day. I could not escape it, and as I realized that, I began to embrace those rainy days, and let them fuel me, not scare me. And now when rain is in the forecast, I just smile, because some of my favorite images have been produced in times that I was stretched way outside of my comfort zone. Plus it reminds me of our own wedding day. 😉 Overcast, muggy, and wet. A perfect day if you ask us.

SO for all you photographers out there, let us say…WE SEE YOU! We know what it’s like to panic over weather, to wish so badly you had God-powers so you could give each and everyone of your clients the perfect sunny 70 degree weather day. We know that the struggle is real, and to this day we don’t have it all figured out. Every day is unique, and every type of weather presents it’s own set of challenges. That’s why today we’re sharing some of our favorite tips for how to approach a rainy wedding day. We hope this gives you a few tools in your bag, to help you feel confident and ready for whatever weather is thrown at you. Enjoy! Also always feel free to shoot us any questions you have, we love hearing from all you amazing photographers out there!



Always let your couples know that they don’t need to worry about figuring out photos locations on their rainy-day! This is our job as photographers. If I know it’s going to be rainy, I will often arrive early on the wedding day, and formulate a “game-plan” so that the moment I see the bride for the first time I can reassure her that we’ve found some locations where we can work around the rain. Never add extra stress to your clients, always keep positive in the midst of rain!! In all reality, rain can create opportunity for super romantic, soft, even bold portraits. Let your clients know that!

Also if an impending hurricane or some kind of poor weather is in the forecast for a long time, you can always start preparing in advance, to ensure your clients have the best images possible!




Your clients have got plenty to think about, not including having a clear umbrella on hand, have this part covered for them. Having a clear umbrella will ensure that you’re not stuck with only one pink polka-dot umbrella someone found in the trunk of grandma’s car. Umbrella’s that have color can add a fun touch, however they will more then likely add a strange color-cast over your clients faces. Which will make for a post-processing nightmare. Do yourself a favor and have a few clear umbrella’s on hand. It’s just always better to be prepared, and a clear umbrella will “match” any clients day! Amazon’s got tons of options. HERE is the one we have.




I’ve been in very few situations where there were no over-hangs what so ever. Find those porches, bridges, barns, or dense patch of trees where you can place your clients so they won’t get wet. Remember that with some creative posing you can make just ONE location work. You don’t need a ton of space to give your clients AMAZING portraits.




Who says you even have to go outside?!? You can look for a beautiful indoor location as well! It could even be the ceremony site. Look for spaces with LOTS of window light and clean backdrops. Don’t be afraid to move a few things around to make it work. If you find the perfect location but there is some furniture in the way, it’s ok to have courage and move it! Your clients will love you for taking the initiative, and take heart in the fact that I have literally rearranged entire rooms. 😉




Rain can cause a whole bunch of unpleasant circumstances, such as mud and chill. Know your clients and keep in mind that even if the rain blows over, they may still have concerns. We will in some cases have an old blanket on hand to tuck under the bride’s dress to avoid it getting dirty. Having a blanket or something like it on hand could be an answer your couples clients concerns.





We have had TWO wedding day, out of 100+ that it rained from the very start of the day, to the very end. Find those pockets of time where you can shoot outside when it’s not actively raining. This often requires flexibility and watching the forecast, but it is 100% do-able. We’ve had SO many wedding days where the sun literally came out again, and we were able to grab amazing portraits for out brides & grooms (RAIN-FREE!). Stay in communication with the couple and let them know what your thinking and when you’ll be pulling them away for a few extra portraits.




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