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 P  H  O  T  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y

Raise your hand if you LOVE vacation!?! We are right there with you, folks. Now that vacation season is upon us, it is one of those times that many of us find ourselves picking up our camera’s to capture those incredible memories. Whether you are spending hours soaking up the sunshine on the beach, pitching […]

We are super excited to share this beautiful wedding with you all! Especially since it’s the first wedding we’re photographing in Guatemala! Andrea & Fernando are the sweetest, and it was SO good to see them again on their wedding day. We photographed their engagement photos at Lake Atitlán almost a year ago, and we have […]

We just got to spend the last ten days in Guatemala, and it was an incredible time! It was our first ever mission trip together to Guatemala together, and it was super teat to be back. We were so glad we could go! It brought back a lot of memories from when we first started […]

A few weeks back we captured Lorene & Duane’s engagement photos near Columbus, OH. Because of the distance we decided that instead of hurrying back home we would explore for a day. We love exploring new places together, especially cities and we are excited that we got to officially check Columbus off the list. When it […]

Two weeks ago we had the pleasure of going to Washington D.C.  As spring rolled in, we kept thinking how fun it would be to see the famed Washington D.C. blossoms. Neither of us have visited D.C this time of the year, and we quickly decided that this is something we want to do. We have never […]

I have three amazingly gorgeous sister-in-laws that live down in Guatemala. So what do you do when you have three drop-dead beautiful sister-in-law’s? You obviously plan multiple photo sessions for when you visit them. Back when I was a teenager and I was just getting interested in photography, I would take photos of my sister almost […]

One of the things we loved most about this engagement photo session was that it was a total and complete adventure! Fernando and Andrea are some of the most kind people on the planet, and we loved that they were willing to try anything along with us. From hanging bridges to climbing trees, we shot it all […]

I can not even put into words how great it was to get to know and photograph this beautiful couple. Juan Carlos is from Guatemala, and he and Brittany met while studying at CFNI.  We heard about this dear couple through a friend, and she mentioned that they were in Guatemala over the same time as us, […]

Two and a half years ago, Hugo and I took a class called Speaking Well through HarvestNET’s Kingdom Ministry School. To this day I don’t think we can recall exactly why we took the class. Now looking back however we do believe it was for this very reason. During the course of that six week class, […]

We all know how important it is to rest, and we all know we need to slow down at some point, but I truly believe we live in an age that can under value the importances of  “rest.” Did you ever hear the saying “I’ll sleep when I die.” That’s good and all, hard work […]